Our lovely group of Administration Staff have a collective tenure in the market of 114 years. Quite an astonishing feat, and the fact that we have retained so many experienced staff at P&I, reflects the greatness of the company we work for. Our Admin/Accounts department comprises Amanda our Operations and Financial Controller, Hayley, Jodi, Michelle, Mary and Suzanne, with John the Cashier responsible for taking payment for the Fruit and Vegetable departments at C69-75 and D67-71. Danny also deserves a mention as our IT guru!

We have undergone quite a lot of change in the Accounts department in the last 12 months, introducing a lot of new systems that have resulted in a more streamlined support service for our sales teams, which in turn has hopefully benefited our customers and suppliers alike.

The Accounts/Admin department can be contacted on 020 7062 8700 Option 4